Video Service during Covid-19

With social distancing due to Covid-19, it has never been more crucial to add video to your interview process.

As we know, interviewing is the most important step in the recruitment process to establish the connection between the employer and the job candidate and allow both to determine how well skills align with the company’s needs. Despite this,

As important as interviewing is, we spend a lot of time speaking with clients and candidates about the delays or issues that often arise. Different companies have different interview processes, some preferring the informal conversational style of a two-stage interview, and others following a longer, more formal procedure. But in today’s busy world, it can be difficult to commit to an interview process or find a time that suits all parties.

Palling & Co. have started to integrate video interviewing into our recruitment process as a way to offer flexibility and early insight to both our candidates and clients and we have already seen an increase in interview to hire of 70%.

Through our Live Recorded Video Interview, we can conduct live interviews between candidates and clients without the need for them to be in the same room, keeping your recruitment wheel turning despite Covid-19 and social distancing.

Solo Interviewing recording is another feature that can eradicate the difficulty of aligning a time and date for both candidate and clients. As an executive search firm, we can conduct video interviews to qualify candidates, which can then be watched and shared internally, eliminating the pain of trying to coordinate diaries.

And finally, we can offer a video shortlisting platform that includes a personalised space with all candidates put forward for the opportunity with any supporting documents you may need. This platform allows all internal managers involved in the hiring process to access, watch and share their thoughts and agree next steps all in one space.

Our aim as an executive search firm is to take less time of your way from the core objective of protecting your business’s digital assets and cater to your recruitment needs in a way that aligns with the current global crisis and its isolation rules.

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